To Leash or Not to Leash

If you are like me then you probably have quite a collection of gear while out on the water, be it fishing tackle or the various cameras to capture the ultimate catch. And all that gear probably did not come that cheap. I guess I have to consider myself lucky not having lost anything in the years I have been kayak fishing.

My wife is always lying in my ears to leash some of my gear to the kayak as she is not looking forward to the prospect of having to replace any of the gear. To please her (as you do “happy wife, happy life”)  I only recently started to leash my many cameras to the kayak for the event that I could not see happen anytime soon. Man was I wrong, and so lucky at the same time. I nearly had to say goodbye to one of my GoPros but thanks to a leash it was easily recovered. Check out the footage. At first I thought it was a goner but then realised that I had it leashed.

Nowadays I also leash some of the rods that I have in the rod holders behind me as it easy to accidentally pull them out while grabbing something else behind you.

So all I can say, if you do not want to lose it then leash it.

Tight lines.

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