How To Target Big Snapper With Soft Plastics?

I’ve had a few questions recently regarding soft baiting techniques. A couple of common ones I get asked is…
1: how do I target the big fish with soft baits?
1: Why am I catching so many small fish and just losing tails?
These two questions definitely go hand in hand. The reason why you are losing tails and catching so many small fish is because you are fishing the bottom to much, or your jig head is just way to heavy. Hang time is essential when it comes to soft baiting. If you’re looking for a feed, by all means cast out and fish your lure all the way back to the boat, but if you are looking to catch something decent, then cast ahead of the drift as per usual, but when your soft bait gets to the bottom, just wind your lure straight back in and cast again, it’s that simple! 99% of the time, we always get big fish on the drop. I used 6 Gulp soft baits yesterday and got the equivalent of $300 worth of snapper that is sold in the supermarket! We don’t eat much meat these days so this definitely saves us a lot of money on our shopping bill! Way more casting involved in this method, but it’s definitely the way to go for all you hardcore soft baiters out there! Tight lines.

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