Fishing Update May 27 2018

Hey peeps, another successful day out at spot x yesterday! Due to the king tide the swell was pretty big! This made fishing in close very hard for the first couple of hours, and yes to be honest I wasn’t too keen to brave it out in the breakers, so out to the 30 metre mark we went. Fishing was a bit slow to be honest, the fish are definitely getting into winter mode now, very tentative on the bite, however, we did manage to nab a few good ones over the day. Paul Rountree managed a nice kingie on the soft bait gear, 40 minute battle over the reef, bloody good going mate!

Great battle fort by Paul on very light tackle.

Even though it’s cooling down, there’s still loads of kingfish around the reef, funnily enough most of them are being caught on small lures and soft baits, definitely good fun if you’ve got a spare hour to fight these angry fish!
Andy Hastings continues to slay John Dory, he must have a secret style I’m sure… please do share Andy? 

My mission for the day was to catch and release a few nice snapper. I didn’t manage to get any really big ones, but I caught and released a couple fish around the 6-7kg mark, and binned a few smaller ones 3-4kg for dinner.

Lures that we’re working yesterday… definitely the soft baits were the flavour of the day, but early striking these fish was a must! the snapper were just mouthing the baits, not too many second chances at striking yesterday, you had to get them on the first strike! I Just thought I’d share a word of warning about the Leigh area peeps, it does get bloody rough out there, there’s no islands that shelter this area like the inner gulf. It has surf beaches on either side so it is prone to some big ocean swells, check the weather, buddy up, make sure you’ve got your VHF and or cellphones, PLBs. Just remember, no fish is worth your life, if your not comfortable out there just go into where you do feel comfortable!from And if you do need some advice about fishing in rough weather, don’t hesitate to ask, we have plenty of experienced kayak anglers on this page who are more than happy to share their knowledge. Happy fishing, tight lines!

Be sure to check out the video footage from this epic day in the link below!

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