Drew’s 24lb Snapper!

Who went fishing today? Well… we did! what a day! We launched in the darkness as per usual! Now, when I launch in the dark, I’ve got one thing on my mind, where’s all the shooting stars at  what would you wish for? Definitely not a pony that’s for sure! Anyway, after a two minute pony ride we arrived at spot x. I had a feeling it was going to be a good day, but man… check this, for the first hour we could not land a fish under 10lb!


I chucked a couple back, but at the end of the day we needed to take home a feed too. The hot fishing carried on throughout the morning, we screamed like little girls with excitement!


Then I heard a real scream… it was coming from Drew’s kayak. I paddled over to him to see what the hell he was being such a girl about… turns out he had good reason for the screams.


I watched Drew from afar getting dragged at a very fast pace, heading straight towards the rocks! Collision course kinda stuff Luckily for him, the fish decided to change direction and head out to the ocean side of the reef! Now, this is a very unforgiving reef! I’ve had a few heart breaks in the exact same spot over the years. Drew hooked the fish in 5 metres of water… mate, you must have pumped that fish in! what a solid fish! Absolutely massive! 87cm, 24lb!


I’ve only been kayak fishing with Drew for just over a year, Drew has only been kayak fishing for a year and a half… it took me years to get my first 20 pounder! I’m super super proud of this guy! I’ve watched him transform in to a bloody amazing fisherman! He really has got that bug eye when it comes to fishing! Until next time 👊


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