Testing The Viking GT/ Bixpy Motor Combo…

How’s the fishing today folks?? Myself and Drew got up at the early hour of 8am this morning and made our way up to our local fishing spot. We l managed to get on the water by about 9am. Truth be told, I wasn’t overly confident about the fishing today! The last couple of full moons have really killed the fishing around Auckland. Plan of attack today… for one, test out my new Viking Kayak Profish GT, but with a twist! This kayak has a motorised rudder! It’s called a Bixby! To be honest, I’ve been a little sceptical about this new piece of kit, but let me tell you. . after having a crack for the first time today, this little tiny motor is absolutely next level!! It has opened up a whole new realm of kayak fishing for me! I slowly motored along the coast today, while casting at the same time. You are totally hands free!! Call it cheating if you like?? As did I! But man I tell you, I hooked a fish today that took me straight to the reef, I motored around to the other side of the reef, totally focused on what angle I was on and what I was doing with the rod! I almost landed the fish! Unfortunately I didn’t land this one, but it wasn’t the reef that busted me off, he actually bit me off… would have been a beast! But yea, absolutely stoked at the operation of the Bixpy! It’s a top notch piece of kit man.Back to the full moon thing, again, the fishing wasn’t easy, myself and Drew probably did around 30km today. We went right over in-line with the middle of parkiri beach. We landed a few fish out in the 50 metre mark. Drew landed a couple of nice Gurnard and a blue cod, but the fish were few and far between.

As per usual though, we put in all those miles, only to find the best fishing is in the shallows close to home! Ended up with a pretty decent snapper in the end.


Great day! awesome piece kit Viking Kayaks! Very impressed 👌

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