My name is Lee Kennedy and like most fishermen I started fishing as land based angler with very little success and hours of time spent waiting for bites trying different rigs, baits, glowing beads… the list goes on, risking my life climbing down vertical cliffs, wading through water in search of spot x… any normal person would have just given up at this point but not me!

Land Based Fishing Success

Funnily enough some of my land based fishing success came from using a kayak to get to the perfect spot otherwise inaccessible by foot. We have use of a bach on the northern side of Rangitoto Island, a very iconic place but also a very special place for me as I have been holidaying there since I was a young child. In the boat shed have some old sit in Sprite kayaks. I use to kayak out to a rock ledge only a few hundred metres from the boat shed on the Motutapu Island side of the gap.

You can just see me on the point there.


On high tide this spot is around 2.5 -3 meters deep, on low tide there is no water there at all. This ended up being one of my favourite and most successful land based fishing spots to this day. What I learnt from this is how valuable a kayak could be to my fishing success.


Present day, I have been kayak fishing for several years now and have become a complete kayak fishing fanatic! I have adopted new methods of fishing and now specialise in the use of soft plastics and lure fishing.


In this blog I will share my kayak fishing adventures, trip reports, area knowledge and tutorials.

Be sure to check out my You Tube channel on the link below.


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