RAILBLAZA Camera Mount Kit & Camera Mount Adaptor

Don’t we all look for the perfect shot of that big catch we just landed? If you, like me, do not always have a camera crew or fishing buddy on hand to take that shot then you need to find a way to do it yourself. The angle needs to be right, your camera needs to be safely attached to your kayak, yet you want it to be flexible enough to change the position or angle of the camera if need be without big hassle.

I have long been a fan of the various RAILBLAZA products on offer and I do have quite a few mounts and accessories attached to my kayak. The guys at RAILBLAZA have just released a new product – the Camera Mount Kit & Camera Mount Adaptor – that makes all that possible without having to get something completely different and is compatible with all the other RAILBLAZA products I already have.



The Camera Mount Kit consists of a knuckle joint and a camera mount adaptor that fits cameras with 1/4 20 threat inserts. This way you can make your camera ready to use with a StarPort. It comes with a GoPro Tripod adaptor which makes the kit even more of a bonus for me as I use a few of these. The camera mount adaptor is also available on its own which includes the GoPro Tripod adaptor as well.

The mount adaptor makes connecting and disconnecting your camera from compatible mounts and accessories from RAILBLAZA a fast and easy process, meaning less time setting up and more time on the water. A great feature of the knuckle joint is you can adjust the position of the camera to any desired angle without having to unscrew the mount, this makes it fast and easy to change the angle of your camera in a hurry if need be.


A big thing for me is, when I’m out there getting camera footage on the kayak, I like to have nice straight camera angles which is not always easy with some mounting options. With the ability to adjust the camera to any angle I’m finding it much easier to get my camera angle straight and right how I want it to be.

On my kayak I like to use the longer camera booms to get that wider angle to capture even more of the action. The great thing about the RAILBLAZA product range is that the accessories are interchangeable. In conjunction with this new mount adaptor you can easily attach your camera to these booms without using the mounting platform which makes it an even more low profile mounting option. I’ve been getting some great angles.


With the release of the new RAILBLAZA Camera Mount Kit & Camera Mount Adaptor and the recently released StarPort HD, which gives you a more stable mounting option, my dream of getting unassisted underwater footage will finally come true. But more on that in the future…

Here is a nice video from the RAILBLAZA people on their new mounting kit and adaptor.

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