Smashing Big Snapper On Jigs – 10 August 2014

During the winter season, most people dream of a summer holiday… I say bring on next winter! The winter Snapper fishing in Auckland, Northland and the Coromandel has just been phenomenal, with kayakers reporting of Snapper up to 13kg.

My go to method of fishing is usually soft baiting, and, over the winter period this year, has produced some great results in the shallows, with some epic battles… some won and some, well, lost. During this winter season a good percentage of the big fish I’ve been catching has been on Inchiku jigs. Just last Sunday, the 10th August, I ventured north hoping to hunt down some big Snapper. Sticking to my usual method, fishing my feet first, I tried some soft baiting in the shallows. When I’m fishing in the shallows, I don’t rely too much on my electronics, obviously knowing the depth is a great help, but I’m more looking for rocky areas with a good current flow, preferably with sea weed and shellfish growth, the makings of a nice natural burly trail. Well, on this day I wasn’t having much luck in the shallows, that’s fishing though, not every day is the same as the last. Luckily I had a plan B. I headed out to a spot that I had fished a couple of months ago… Bit of a paddle, but I was eager to catch some big Snapper. With excitement building, the 8km paddle was like a walk in the park. I arrived to my destination, had a scout around the area and found some solid fish sign on the sounder about 10 metres off the bottom. Deployed the Inchiku jig and was instantly into a good Snapper.


Nice size for the pan. Straight back down and into another one. This time a much bigger version, smoking out line.



If you haven’t tried Inchiku jigs before, I highly recommend giving them a go. I’m usually a dedicated soft plastics fisherman, but lately for me Inchiku jigs have been out-fishing soft plastics. If you are looking at picking up some tips on using these jigs, check out my Blog. I’ve just recently written a review on Catch Beta Bugs (Inchiku jigs). It includes some tips and tricks of how I use these jigs, what kind of gear you will need to get started, and a short video showing some of the jigging styles I use to action these jigs.

The fish just kept getting bigger, with some epic battles fishing in 50 metres of water.



Nice fish for the future.  Caught on Catch Beta Bugs (Orange Assassin) and one happy fellow.

SnapShot(16) image

The fishing was just going off! I wish I had taken some screen shots of the fish finder, you could literally see the fish chasing the jigs up. Another big Snapper falling victim to Inchiku jigs.



I was deploying these jigs straight to the bottom and slowly mechanical jigging them back up through the school. A good number of fish caught on these jigs, will hit them on the drop, but on this particular day they were getting hit on the way back up. This fish was a good candidate for release, raring to get back in the water.

SnapShot(15)I caught quite a few more fish before losing the school. What an epic session, fishing with Inchiku jigs. I caught a couple of smaller fish using the Catch Freestyle Kaburas.


And below another fish falling victim to Catch Beta Bugs (Orange Assassin)


It’s quite amazing the variety of species you can catch on these jigs. I even managed a rat Kingfish. Great fun on light tackle.


 What an epic day! Be sure to check out the video action. Until next time.

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