Using a Kayak To Access Land Based Fishing Spots

Rangitoto island has a special place in my heart as it is where our family has holidayed for as long as I can remember, we’ve been lucky enough to have use of one of the last remaining batches on this side of the island, this magical place is where my love for fishing and kayaking was born.D292C8E2-4847-49AC-8E1E-422F6AB680A2The great thing about this place is there is no power, no cellphone reception and you have to hike all your gear in, so you only pack the bare essentials… or you just do like 5 or 6 trips through the bush like we do Lol, gotta have cold beer right? In all seriousness though, this place really brings you back to how life was before we had the luxuries of things like power, phones and roads.

Anyways, a very longtime before I started fishing from a kayak I use to access land based fishing spots with the use of a kayaks that we had at the Bach, and with great success, funnily enough I still really this method of fishing.


D3641CE0-3E7F-440E-83D0-52F231C1EA35Luckily enough we have a few new kayaks over there now because the amount of times I managed to sink the sit in kayaks! let’s just say I didn’t always make it out to my fishing spot few rescue missions were required 😉 well, we’ve got a few better kayaks over there now, still not anything flash, no rod holders or anything but they do the job, some with holes but nothing a bit of tape can’t fix Lol.

5E7DC8DE-AA32-42EF-8FD8-28D0824E4B99I’ve recently started loading up one kayak with all the fishing gear and bait and towing it behind me, bit of a mission paddling but seems to work all good, way easier than trying to load everything on your lap. The ledge that I fish from is not to far from the Bach, and it’s very shallow, I’m talking like 1.5 metres of water but man the fishing is epic!! I’ve caught some trophy fish there over the years, it’s been a very consistent spot for as far as I can remember.


CD08A5DE-4976-4CF1-BE3D-84A442857A6AAnyway, this time around we had some of my partners friends up from down the line, fishing was pretty epic, nothing massive but man did we slay some snapper!! Glad to share this special place with some good friends! Can’t wait to get back there again.

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