Catching Snapper On Jigs

Hey peeps, well it’s been a pretty exciting few weeks for me fishing wise, I’ve managed to get out every single weekend! Two months with no fishing… well, let’s just say I’m making the most of it!
So, myself and a few of the lads made the most of the crappy weather yesterday, thought we’d try our luck out from Leigh. I’ve been fishing the area over the past couple of weeks and what I’ve found is the fishing has been very challenging! October fishing can be hard in the area. The fish we do Catch have not been coming easy. There hasn’t been a hell of a lot happening in the shallows up in this area, usually happens around this time of year, you’ll get the odd moocher hanging around in the shallows, but very hit and miss. I have a couple of areas that produce some pretty good fish this time of year (these fish don’t come easy though), from depths of around 45-55 metres, it’s bit of a paddle out to this area and the fish are usually very few and far between, especially this time of year. In saying that though, if you take the time to find the fish, use your electronics, grid search, set yourself up on the right drift direction… even if you have to reset your drift multiple times to get onto the spot, you will get them! And there is some really good fish to be caught if you are patient! Myself and Drew fished this area for quite a few hours before it produced fish, Drew lost an absolute stonker of a fish after a solid 15 minute fight due to a barracuda destroying his jig Kevlar before he hooked up on the fish! Quite a few of those scummy bastards out in the deeper water at the moment. One other phenomenon that has been blessing my hooks over the past years is blue cod! These fish are divine eating! and they seem to be in great numbers out in Leigh, the one in the photo was just shy of 1.5kg! Pretty big for Auckland right? Biggest blue cod I have ever caught, funnily enough I actually have a guaranteed spot for them! very cool! thumbnail_IMG_5962
Myself and Drew worked the 50 most of the day, biggest fish was landed on the white beta bug (lumo skirt) Drew’s fish on the same colour.thumbnail_IMG_5977

Very fat fish!

thumbnail_IMG_5975On return, we had a crack on some schooling kahawai… there we literally Thousands of them but could we catch one? Na, no way! Definitely not through lack of trying aye Drew! We gave up on the kahawai after not stop chasing them around, just wanted one that was all! That’s fishing though.  We tried a spot that I had a few GPS marks on, not too far from the reef, about 25 metres of water. We found some real solid dark red arches over this area, sure enough, first cast, 1/2 oz jig head, Gulp crazy legs new penny, solid fish! Done the same drift a few times with some really good results, but again, this was a very small area of fish… you just have to be on the spot! Advice… Take the time, use your electronics, hunt them out, set up a good drift, find out what’s working, you’ll get them! Just remember, when setting up your drift, even just a few metres could be the difference between you catching fish or catching fish, or catching  nothing  give it a go.
Cheers, happy fishing.

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