Amazing Kawau Island

Have you ever paddled over to Kawau Island before? If you haven’t, I’d highly recommend giving it a nudge, what a magic place! We launched from a bay, Jones Bay.thumbnail_IMG_2197Jones bay is part of the Tawharanui Peninsula, Just an hour north of Auckland. From Jones Bay, it’s only about a 3km paddle over to the closest beach which is called Vivian Bay. From there we walked across to the other side of the island to secluded beach called??? We can’t find the name of it on any map… might be called Rocky Bay but not sure. We had to scale down quite a steep cliff to get down to the beach but man what an amazing tropical looking beach it was!! Absolutely stunning.thumbnail_IMG_2212If you like bird watching, this is definitely the place to be! the bird life is out of this world.thumbnail_IMG_2329Some more stunning images of Rocky Bay.thumbnail_IMG_2229IMG_2247We then walked back across the island to Vivian Bay where the kayaks were parked up and made our way back to Jones Bay… Of course, with a stop off on the way back to catch a few snapper for dinner! Another magic adventure!

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