When The Auzzie Bloke Visits!

So we had this dodgy Auzzie bloke staying with us this weekend, you may have heard of him… his name is Martyn Gittens, he said he makes BerleyPro visors or some crap!
Well, true story, Marty is actually a Kiwi, he just lives in Australia, full credit to him as he hasn’t even picked up the Auzzie accent after 6 years! (We love you Australia don’t worry 🇦🇺) So yea, Marty contacted me a few weeks backs and said that he was planning coming over to NZ to do some fishing, so we hatched a plan to head to my all time favourite fishing spot in Auckland needless to say where that is. .
The night before was a real hoot, Andy, Terrance and Marty (all kayak fishing mates) all stayed at mine. It was bloody 12pm before we all got to bed! Bloody good idea until the alarm starting going off at 3:30am!!! Up and out we went no probs!
We launched about 5:30am, first mission was live bait… never a problem to catch in the dark, so with a few mackies in the tempo 2 tackle pod (makeshift live bait tank) off we went to the reef.
Surprisingly there was not a fish in sight, usually there’s Kahawai busting the surface but not much happening at all.
Andy managed to hook up on the jig, but unfortunately he dropped it!
The kingies weren’t interested in the live baits at all, so… at this stage we were just trying to work out who was the bad luck omen was… I couldn’t decide between Marty or Andy 😜
From there it was time to get out to the deep water, we followed a contour line that I’m quite familiar with, chucked out our drift chutes and gave it and deployed the lures. Fishing was a little slow at first, I was catching a few 40cm Snapper every 10 minutes or so, Marty landed himself a nice gurnard, Andy a beauty John Dory and Terrence was catching a few snapps, but far from constant.
Marty and I decided to venture on a bit further, gotta make the most of that awesome weather, by this stage Andy and Terrence had already shot off… well funnily enough, Marty was right about Andy, as soon as he left the fishing went nuts!!!
I got smoked by a big snapper before landing another big snapper, Marty got a kingfish on his soft bait set, snapper started coming in thick and fast, was bloody awesome.
Earlier on in the bite I was trying out a new rig, a fixed kaubura rig, fixed with a solid ring rather than have it sliding, this was working really well for a couple of hours, just a real slow retrieval for this one if you ever try it, if you do feel bites just keep winding and the fish will just chase it up, definitely worth giving that a go, works bloody well!
Soft baits started working really well later on in the day, takes a bit of practice getting the one ounce jig heads down in 50-60 metres but this method has worked really well for me over the years, give it a crack one day for sure.

All and all, another epic day with a great bunch of lads!! Must say, this BerleyPro fella is a real good bugger it turns out 😜 Martyn was a pleasure having you here mate, I’m looking forward to our fishing adventures in Australia next year for sure!!! Cheers guys 👍 — with Martyn Gittens.

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