Leigh Fishing Competion 2017

What better place to have a fishing competition in Auckland?
Yes Leigh is classed as “Auckland” as is Great Barrier and many other great fishing locations!
People… you can catch big fish in Auckland so don’t let others tell you that you can’t because it’s very possible to catch big fish anywhere in the gulf with the right techniques.
Anyways, Friday night the brother Andy stayed the night!
As usual we stayed up way too late talking junk. . 12am we went to be for god sake!
Our alarm went off at 2:45am, very slowly off we went.
luckily we left early because the parking at Leigh was very minimal! Our friend KK managed to nab the last park in a tight space.
Funnily enough we arrived at Leigh and was quite surprised to see that there were more kayakers parked in the car park than boat trailers! there was even some boat parking spaces left.. come on boaties, where’s the commitment 😂
After a quick setup of the battle ships, off we paddled through the beautiful Leigh harbour and man, the Phosphorescence was beautiful on the way out.
Myself and Andy paddled for about and hour and a half in the dark before we got out to spot x…
We bloody launched way too early to be honest! Funnily enough, we set up shop at the 50m mark and started to deploy the Gulp softbaits in the pitch black, turns out… the fish were bitting hard!!
I’ve caught fish on soft baits in the dark before but never in 50 metres of water and how the frick they could sense or see soft baits with no lumo just beats me!! To be honest I was very surprised but excited at the same time, that’s one thing I love about fishing is the fact that you are constantly learning, it’s so awesome.
After after a few fish landed Paul Rountree finally found us, we fished in the dark for almost 3hrs!! We had a pretty cool freak out experience in the pitch black, a pod of whales approached up, it was bloody dark as hell, I could hear them breaching literally like 10 metres away from us! They headed over towards me first then they started heading towards Andy, to be honest we all pretty much sh#t ourselves!
Finally the sun arrived and the fishing continued to be great, nothing massive at this stage but 3 blue cod and some good eating size snappers were floating up!
Andy and I decided to venture out a little further in search of something bigger.
We found some really awesome sign just in front of Pakiri, so we parked up and deployed the lures. You might have seen in some of my previous posts the “mutant” Catch kabura that I’ve created, I tell you, this thing is a fish slayer!! It’s absolutely magic… chuck in in the rod holder or just give it some slow movement, you’ll be really surprised what you catch.
The big fish that you see in the pictures, this is what I caught on that lure.
Turns out, soft baits were absolutely cranking as well, if you ever want to improve your soft baiting skills depth weight ratio try soft baiting in some deep water with light jig heads, this will really really teach you to read your braid movement in the water, and let me tell you, this style of fishing has been so successful for me over the years, just flick me a pm if you need some tips! The variety of fish we catch using this technique is just amazing!!!
All and all it was a bloody awesome day with good mates, Leigh fishing comp is a real family oriented competition, I highly recommend having a crack at this comp if you haven’t already! I mean, spot prize is a bloody 50 thousand dollar boat! and you don’t even need to catch the biggest fish, it’s average weight wins the boat! and proceeds of all fish that are weighed in all gets donated to Westpac helicopter 👍 thank you Mandy Kupenga and all the organisers for such an awesome event! Some real good fish weighed in too! Cheers guys.

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