Trip Report Shakespear Park, Friday 6 June 2014

Shakespear Park at the end of the Whangaparoa Peninsular is a great launching spot for all kayakers, beginners and advanced. If you do plan to launch from this spot, just keep in mind that the park gate doesn’t open before 6am. I have fished this spot for several years now and have had great success through all seasons. If you are an inexperienced kayaker and plan to venture out into the Tiri channel, make sure you check the weather forecast, it is a high current area and does get very rough at times.

SnapShot(5)I launched around 9am FRIDAY OFF WORK :b forecast was for 15 knots westerlies but no worries, the mighty Viking Profish 400 can handle it. I spotted some sign on the sounder not more than 400 metres from where I had launched from, in 6 metres of water. First cast of the Zman soft bait, on the drop I hooked up a nice little Snapper, not massive but good size for the pan.SnapShotBeing In such shallow water I try and use a light weighted jig head 1/8-1/4oz, this gives you more hang time in the water column and maximizes the action of the lure.       SnapShot(0)I ventured out to the Tiri Channel looking for sign on the sounder but not much was happening, with that in mind I decided to try the shallows along the edge of the channel.SnapShot(10)

Finally found the fish! The first fish I hooked up was only in 3 metres of water and it was screaming off at pace, unfortunately it took me into the reef and snapped me off. The next couple of fish were a good eating size.

SnapShot(7)All caught on Zman New Penny 4 inch grub.

SnapShot(9)Managed to go home with a good feed of fish. A well enjoyed day off work.


Check out the video action from the day. Enjoy.

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