Saltwater Assassin – Trip Report Langs Beach – Sunday 28 June 2014

With the thought of big Snapper lingering in my mind for the whole week, it was time to get out for a fish. I posted up an invite on NZ Kayak Fishing Forum for a trip up to Langs Beach, only an hour and a half north of Auckland.

Left Auckland at 3:30am eagerly keen and over excited, in hindsight we could have left at 4:30 and still made it on the water before day break, anyway more time to get prepared. Had a great turnout of keen kayakers from the kayak forum, ended up launching with 7 people.

SnapShotSome of the guys were keen bait fishermen so didn’t venture too far from the shore.

I tried the inshore shallows for half an hour or so using Zman soft baits, I picked up a couple of small fish but nothing decent.


From here I decided to go for a mad paddling mission, damn near padding all the way too Mangawhai Heads.

I found some good pockets of sign on the sounder in around  20-25 metres of water, I could see that the fish were aggressively feeding well up off the bottom as the sounder was showing a triangle like shape leading up from the bottom with a bait school just above it. I’ll try and include some screen shots of the sounder in the next trip report.

SnapShot(24)I deployed a orange Catch Beta Bug and was hooking up on the drop about half way down, done this multiple times with some good fish landed. I had a couple more drops after not hooking up for a few minutes. Wound up the slow jig at speed and got a solid hookup at around halfway up, it was definitely a snapper, I had it on for 3-4 minutes before losing it – not fazed at this point as I had already boated some good fish.

SnapShot(2)    SnapShot(3)

Fish for the future.

SnapShot(5)I found the sign on the sounder again, this time I switched over to soft baiting using the new Ocean Angler Microwave rod matched up with a Shimano Sustain 4000 reel. Same thing the fish were smashing the lures well up off the bottom (using Zman Bruised banana) yep great day!!


SnapShot(9)I highly recommend taking the trip up to Langs, It is such a beautiful stretch of coastline to kayak around and can produce some great catches of Snapper.



Definitely was a big paddle back, but well worth it. Epic day!

SnapShot(19)Check out the video action from the day on You Tube.

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